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Hello RBC Friends,

  I wanted to take the time to introduce myself today, on what would have been my baby Boo’s 16th Birthday.  My name is Alicia, and I grew up with a cocker spaniel named Muffin.  I got her for my 11th birthday, and she lived to be 17!  In 2008 I finally got another dog, a Westie named Boo.  She was my Companion, ESA, and the Light & Love of my life.  She got sick with Cushing’s and eventually started having seizures non-stop in July 2022.  She’s been gone for 595 days now, and I have been so lost ever since.  Today will be hard, but I wanted to honor her by making this little video.  Thanks for watching, and 🥳Happy🎂Birthday🥳Boo👻!!!

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