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Testimonials from Red Barn Families

Be sure to view the accompanying videos of puppies with their families! Scroll below.

We are honored so many families have entrusted the care of their new puppy to Red Barn Cavaliers. Please read for yourself what families have to say about their experience adopting a puppy.


Natalie B.

"Billie is the sweetest little ball of sunshine, and I couldn't have asked for her to be raised by a better family from birth!

I reached out to Red Barn Cavaliers the day Billie was born, not knowing that her mama Daisy was in labor. I had been looking for a cavalier for several weeks and Elisabeth was by far the most responsive and detail-oriented breeder I interacted with. Most breeders took days, even weeks to respond. But, even in the middle of Daisy's labor, Elisabeth made time to send photos, videos, and detailed messages about Billie's health. The detailed updates continued all the way until the day I picked up Billie. I tuned into the livestreams to watch her grow, got pictures and FaceTime calls from Elisabeth and Andrew, and was even able to visit 2 weeks before her pickup day. I continue to communicate with Elisabeth and provide updates, as it feels like we are all family now.

I love keeping up with the current litters on Instagram and YouTube. The Red Barn Cavaliers family does everything right! They take care of all the details and walk you through the entire puppy process. Once again, I couldn't have asked for a better family to get my Billie from!"

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We ask for both positive feedback and constructive criticism, not only so that we know what we are doing well, but also so that we can improve where needed. We recognize that there is always more to learn and ways to improve, so we can always better our methods raising puppies.

For Red Barn Cavaliers, that is only half the equation. The other aspect we pride ourselves in is nurturing the early relationships between puppy and their family through multiple modalities. If you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can further help future families get more out of this experience during their puppy's 8 weeks with us, we would love to hear them!

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