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Meet the ladies who do all the 'heavy lifting!'


"Ruby Red Mystery"

Missy is a Ruby cavalier who was our first Mama Dog. Missy's puppies tend to have a much more classical look. When bred with our black&tan stud dog, she has puppies of every color. Missy's puppies are not just adorable and loving but tend to be very drawn to people. By just a week old, they snuggle and get cozy in the palms of our hands to go to sleep, even when Mom is nearby. Missy is our Alpha female, and has appropriately earned the nickname "Fun Police," as she keeps order in her pack.


"Windy Red Barn Robin"

Robin is a blenheim female with champion lineage. We love all our dogs at Red Barn Cavaliers, but Robin has one of the best Cavalier dispositions in our pack. She has a super sweet personality that complements her snuggly and affectionate demeanor perfectly. Robin is a fiercely protective mama dog, who loves to take care of other moms' puppies if given the chance!


"Daisies from Heaven"

Daisy is a gorgeous tricolor with champion bloodlines and grandparents in the show circuit. Daisy is a petite lady, whose pups tend to be on the petite side. Daisy's personality embodies that of the overly loving and affectionate Cavalier who can't get close enough to your heart for snuggles. Her puppies tend to have similar personalities. 

Like Robin, Daisy loves to care for puppies that aren't hers. Daisy is known for 'adopting' litters of puppies; she will sleep with them and take care of them whenever Mama steps away. Most recently, she didn't have a litter of her own so she spent each waking moment with the other moms' litters. She began lactating and produced enough milk to nurse 2 litters that weren't hers!


"Catching the Red Eye to Paris"

Paris is a littermate to Pompeii. She is a blenheim female with champion lineage, with beautiful markings and healthy genes. She has grown up to be an absolutely stunning blenheim Cavalier. Apart from appearance, however, Paris has grown up to embody all of the characteristics that make Cavaliers such an amazing dog breed. Whenever we want to show a new person what "Cavaliers" are like, we introduce them to Paris. Her temperament is so easy going and relaxed that she is an ESA and will be undergoing training to become a Psychiatric Service Dog, specifically, for Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Paris' disposition is difficult to replicate, but her temperament and behavior has become the standard to which we strive to raise our puppies.


"Red Lava of Pompeii"
'Pom Pom'

Pompeii is a gorgeous Blenheim littermate to Paris. We call her Pom Pom. She has stunning markings, a beautiful tail, and a wonderful disposition! Pom-Pom is very much a 'people' dog, who finds the most comfort in Drew or Elisabeth. Pom-Pom enjoys snuggles on the couch or even better, in our bed at night/early morning. Pom's new boyfriend is going to be our up-and-coming stud dog, Hogan. 


"Red Winter's Miracle"

Myra is one of our newest additions to RBC, a beautiful tricolor with an almost all-black face. Her fur is incredibly soft, and she embodies all the wonderful traits of a well-bred Cavalier. She is affectionate and loving, even clings to her people. She is a great mother to her puppies - she is patient, dedicated, and she stays with her puppies a lot more than most moms do. Her puppies with Macchiato have incredible dispositions and beautiful markings. Each litter she has with him has the potential for all 4 coat colors.


Vienna is a petite, blenheim Cavalier. Born on December 31, 2022 to Paris and Spike, she inherited her mother’s loving and affectionate temperament and has quickly become a cherished member of our family. Vienna spends most of her time serving as an ESA for our six-year-old, Bella. Though we originally kept Vienna to be a successor for Paris, Vienna is unfortunately too small to be bred. 


Mocha is a puppy born to Pom and Macchiato in June 2023 who we kept to be a future mom for RBC. This black and tan bundle of energy is Drew's ESA, and she loves to give affection to everyone she meets. She is a snuggly pup that loves to sleep in bed with Drew. We expect Mocha to be a wonderful mom, and we plan to breed her to Hogan - who will be ready for breeding around the same time as Mocha.

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