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Our Studs

Meet our handsome gentlemen!


"Corona Spike With Lime"

Spike is a beautiful blenheim Cavalier. He snuggles at our feet, rolling over for belly rubs. When we want to play with him, he's up for playing. But as soon as we want to relax, he is thrilled to lay down and sleeeep. Spike, his parents, and his grandparents all have healthy genes. Spike has produced several pups and they all have wonderful dispositions and have made many families very happy!

"Grande Caramel Macchiato"


Macchiato is a black and tan male that comes from a champion background, with healthy parents and grandparents. He is not yet old enough to be part of our breeding program, but we are enjoying every minute of raising him as part of the family in the meantime. We expect him to produce beautiful puppies!

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