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Cavalier Puppies Live:

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Red Barn Cavaliers is a family-operated dog breeder, specializing in raising therapeutic and loving puppies, primarily as Emotional Support Animals and/or psychiatric service dogs, but also family pets as well. We are passionate about raising healthy, well-adjusted, and supportive and puppies in a loving home environment.


Those critical of an ESA's purpose often say they are little more than just a great family pet. That's inaccurate. Yes, they do make great family pets! But they also know their ESA handler like the back of their paws! They know what to do when their handler's voice raises a pitch and they are exhibiting signs of stress and anxiety. A well-trained ESA knows exactly what to do and when to do, almost always in just the right time to prevent anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and other disruptive psychological symptoms that may have manifested in their handler's brain for decades. War veterans and victims of assault have reported an increase in self-confidence to such a degree that they are learning how to live their lives again. Having their ESA by their side makes it a lot easier to leave the house and conquer fears together. 

You can watch and be part of everything we do here - We have a unique online presence where you can watch our puppies in real time and get all the latest updates. We provide all of their care for viewers to see, from weight checks and dewormings, to toenail trims, vaccinations, and potty training. Families are able to witness everything that their pups do and all the milestones they reach as they accomplish them. We welcome you to visit us, and find out why we are quickly becoming one of the leading Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders in the U.S.

We now offer a wide variety of Red Barn Cavaliers merch featuring our big red barn. Items include t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, and hats. If you have a request, please don't be afraid to let us know what you would like to see!


Welcome to our home, the home of Red Barn Cavaliers! This is where you can meet us, Drew and Elisabeth, and our pack of 15 dogs (11 adults, 4 puppies).


The livestream you find here is in the very center of our home, by the front door, where our house sees the most foot traffic.  The puppies are big enough that they need exposure to what it is like living in a home with their families. We want to replicate that as much as possible, to assist in a smooth transition. They learn about guests entering our home (like when Grandma visited recently!), or endless Amazon packages being delivered. They can see for themselves that these experiences aren't to be feared, and they quickly learn that visitors aren't threats. 


We make it a practice to bring our other dogs around the puppies every day. Each of our dogs has something unique to offer - depending on where their standing is in the pack. Our more dominant dogs will set limits and teach manners, while our more submissive dogs will teach them that other dogs need not be feared, and through play will help the puppies gain confidence in themselves so that they aren't afraid when facing new social encounters.


We find it very important that we continue treating Myra like the wonderful pet that she is. We invite her up into bed for belly rubs, we play with her on the floor, we help give her breaks so that she knows she is loved to try avoiding burnout. Sometimes Moms may fear that you begin to love their pups more than them, so we want to make sure Myra knows we loved her first and more! With the puppies being in a pen, it is easier for Mom to take breaks without the puppies constantly fussing for her. This is all natural and is part of Mom beginning the process of weaning them off of her. 

You may notice that Daisy spends much more time with the pups than Myra. This is somewhat unusual canine behavior, but it isn't harmful and is actually beneficial for the pups, because she isn't their mom. Instead, Daisy serves as a transitional support for the puppies as Mom creates distance; she even began lactating for them after several days of the pups 'pacifying.' This is something the dogs do on their own, not something we have them do, and has evolved over time to become a routine that they are each familiar with. We never attempt to mix up moms with litters because the Mom of the litter is not typically keen on allowing any other dogs close to her puppies, and we want to respect her boundaries. In the past, for the health and wellbeing of the puppies, we had to have one of our nursing moms nurse another's litter, but that was out of necessity.


Daisy loves puppies - she loves taking care of her own puppies, and when other moms whelp new litters in our bedroom, she gets as close to the new puppies as their mother will let her. For Myra's last litter, Daisy entered the pool and began sleeping with them during their first week of life. She began lactating within a few days and nursed them their entire 8 weeks. Myra was more protective this time, but as soon as she began tiring and starting weaning her pups off of her, she permitted Daisy to get much closer to them. Daisy is one of our more dominant dogs of the pack, and the top 3 dogs of our pack tend to behave with a sense of responsibility for the puppies of the pack. 


We leave the stream on all day for families to check in on their puppies whenever it is convenient for them. We provide all of their care on stream so that families can track their puppy's progress as well. At the beginning of each stream we sit down and greet our viewers, check on the puppies, update viewers and families on their puppies, and talk about what we expect to see or what we are looking for at their current age. We like to share stories about different experiences and puppies to illustrate why we check for certain things the way we do. Please don't be afraid to ask questions in the live-chat! We try to answer as many as possible, and our mods as well as other viewers can often answer questions about us and our dogs.

For updates regarding upcoming litters, please check the top of this page.

You can learn more about the methods we use to raise exceptional puppies and ESAs and how we use them through our YouTube channel, Red Barn Cavaliers. We try to have the current livestream posted on this page, but because we often have multiple streams going you can always find any other stream on our YouTube channel page. Additionally, you can find all archived footage plus additional videos of the pups there. 

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