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Nanny Daisy loves her job.

Robin’s puppies are practicing being a can of sardines for Halloween.

Myra’s Charlotte is the winner 🥇 of the “potty-tray-pillow“ contest. The judges were impressed by the mandibular balance while preserving the natural shape of the face. Bravo!!!

Clover experienced a bad case of the Mondays a day earlier than predicted. Experts say that it may be caused by the diminishing hours of daylight. A good remedy is puppy watching.

New popular-sleep-position experts, Charlotte (Robin’s) and Clover demonstrate proper form. These experts warn that proper form or not, you may still wake up with back pain if your skeletal system is not 63% cartilage or higher.

A new puppy study finds father’s parenting style to be “so cool and fun!!!!!!”.

Clover’s human mom loves her puppy girl so much!

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