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Because our schedule needs to be so flexible today, we will begin the stream for Missy's puppies first, and then when Drew and I are ready for our bigger update livestream, we will start the Mama Dog/Remy stream. I feel terrible that we didn't get the livestream running for Missy's puppies yesterday! I took them outside to play this morning to get them out of the house and get some sun. They really enjoyed it!

We don't have puppies from either Myra or Robin yet, but both moms are on the brink of labor. Myra's temperature is still within the "drop" range, which confirms for us that her temp drop is labor-related. Robin was restless all night, but Myra was able to sleep. Both of them had MAJOR gut clearing this morning - pooping everywhere, outside, inside, even on the door in between! We see this right before they begin active labor, so we are keeping a very close eye on them. They are very clingy and won't let us out of their sight, but they are the happiest pair of pregnant moms I've ever seen. They have been an absolute joy to care for these past few days.

Remy's puppies are all doing really well, including the last one! We were so tired that we forgot to get their 24-hour weights, so decided to get their 36-hour weights. They have all gained a lot of weight, including our precious black and tan girl.

We will be starting the streams soon. Like I said, we will get Missy's pups up first and when Drew and I are ready for the bigger update stream, we will start that one.

Thank you for all of your continued support and well-wishes! We appreciate this community more than we can articulate.

With warm hugs and cavalier kisses,

Elisabeth and Drew

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